Gigs and things

TO SLEEP – the 2nd longest continuous piece of music, which we performed at The Meteor was super fun and we are currently exploring possibilities for future performances in various locations around NZ…

“What followed was an experience like no other. Each movement of music was long and slow, set to the pace of a resting heartbeat. At about 4 or 5am, I wanted to applaud as one of the movements resolved. Yotam’s cello was a wonderful counterpoint to the other instruments, and to hear the final note as I anticipated it, and then drawn out musically, was breathtaking. The music never stopped, and neither did Aaron Chesham’s lightshow and the art.
Visual artist Paul Bradley maneuvered fabric, paper and other objects which were then cleverly projected above. My favourite part of his performance was seeing his mesmerising windswept heroines actualise on the cloudlike ceiling.” – Yvonne Milroy (review through Write On)

There was some other coverage about the concert which you can check out here:
Waikato Times | UPBEAT | Standing Room Only RNZ


I have also recently had some work showing in the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville as part of the LOCAL exhibition. Here are a few pictures of the work installed:

“Moment of Inertia” with Dan Inglis

“Untitled 27” with Owen Mayall and Demeter Fragrance Library

“Kia rongo i te tawara o te wai” – with Ben Woollen and Horomona Horo


And coming up: Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army is back at it! This time presenting ILLUMINATED STILLNESS at Wallace Gallery Morrinsville. Starting at 6pm on November 11th, come along and take a break from everything that is going on!


30 years of life

So, today I reach the 30 year old milestone.

30 years of me

Today as I was driving home I was reflecting on the last 30 years and realised I have had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff and spend time with some really awesome people.

Here are some of the highlights of the past 30 years.
– My lovely wife Courteney
– My son Wolfgang
– My family + friends.

– Touring and performing and visiting a number of different countries and cities around the world.

– Writing my Symphony No.1 for orchestra and turntables. The first orchestral symphony to feature turntablism as part of the ensemble.

– Performing with the New Zealand Symphony and Auckland Philharmonia (on pieces I wrote!!)

– Performing with a number of world-class musicians including Adam Maha, Julia Booth, Nick Tipping, Chris McBride, Chris Lam Sam, Richard Nunns, Lauren Grout, Yotam Levy, Brad Thomson, Joe McNamara, Thomas Botting, Jeremy Badger, Martin Lodge, Michael Williams, James Tennant, Lara Hall, Katherine Austin among many others.

– Writing and releasing various independent albums (here, here, here and here)

– Scoring various short and feature length films (many with the Scorelocks Collective)

– Setting a range of world records

– Portraying a film superhero and supervillain – super fun times.

– Worked as a composer, musician, teacher, youth mentor, lecturer, security guard, childrens entertainer, DJ, statistical analyst…

– Commentated professional wrestling.

– Became a marriage celebrant.

– Got amazing publicity and sponsorship for being a BeardLord. (thanks Puma!)

– Had music, art and films featured in a range of competitions and festivals around the world!

– Organized the first competitive facial hair competition in NZ.

– Composed and released a lot of music!

– Earned my Masters of Music (and nearly finished my doctorate!)


It has been a crazy, awesome, hectic, and enjoyable first 30 years alive. Thanks to all the people who I have worked with, collaborated with, hung out with, jammed with.

Now I am looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring!


Mozart Fellowship 2014

It has now been officially announced and I can share with everyone that I have been appointed the University of Otago Mozart Fellowship for 2014.

You can read about it here:

This is such an exciting opportunity! Live in Dunedin for a year, have an office space at the uni, and get to focus completely on composition! So many exciting possibilities for projects and hopefully for collaborations.

Now we start the process of sorting everything out for the move, and I need to knuckle down and get this PhD done!

Back to work.


Here are some talented people… [1]

Hello. In this fast-paced world it can be difficult to get your creative work seen/heard in amongst all the other content that is released on a daily basis.

Dan Aux shared a link to this great article talking about why you should support and share your friends work. This is something I always intend to do, don’t really do all that often, and also something that I find frustrating with my own work. 

So, in order to be part of the change of sharing peoples work, I am going to do regular posts like this of exciting/interesting/creative things that people I know are working on. Go ahead and check them out! 

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It’s that time of year…

I haven’t been as regular with these posts as I would have liked… but things happen and there is always something that gets left behind.

I think for 2013 I will try to keep this more regular – more content, more recipes, more music… more of the good stuff that makes life interesting.

But in the meantime, I thought I would take this quick moment while my son sleeps to wish you all a happy holiday season, and a happy, prosperous and creative new year!


An unknown Superhero

I have the distinct pleasure of being involved with the creation of some parts of a new superhero story.

This superhero is ‘LAPWING’ – This hero has been created by the people behind a new feature film that is being filming in New Zealand – Penny Black.

“Instead of quoting existing movies in the dialogue of Penny Black, we decided it would be better to create our own Pop Culture Icon to reference. So LAPWING is a superhero we have created based on the LAPWING bird.”

I will be involved in the filming of the featured LAPWING Episode – which is going to be action-packed and super fun.

I will also be working (with the Scorelocks Collective) to create the score for both LAPWING and Penny Black. In preparation for the shoot, and as inspiration for the creation of the characters and story, we composed and recorded the ‘theme music’ for LAPWING.

Have a listen here:

Just another fun little side project that I have the privilege of being involved in.

New Website and Blog

Hello eventual readers…

I had always meant to keep my other websites updated – but it is one of those things that regularly goes by the wayside. So I have decided that having a blog that I can easily update (on any computer, on my phone etc) might mean that I keep things up to date with what I am doing, what I find interesting and any other fun stuff I find along the way.

In the meantime, have a look around the other descriptive pages of this site (sorry they are all written a bit more formally) and then here is a sampler of some of my music, please do have a listen.

Talk soon.