Here are some talented people… [1]

Hello. In this fast-paced world it can be difficult to get your creative work seen/heard in amongst all the other content that is released on a daily basis.

Dan Aux shared a link to this great article talking about why you should support and share your friends work. This is something I always intend to do, don’t really do all that often, and also something that I find frustrating with my own work. 

So, in order to be part of the change of sharing peoples work, I am going to do regular posts like this of exciting/interesting/creative things that people I know are working on. Go ahead and check them out! 

Dan Inglis (Luminis) has been working on a few different film projects

Joshua Drummond (Cakeburger) makes some awesome cartoons among other things.

Ryan Cooper (Mukpuddy) is making some awesome animations.

Chris Lam Sam (Scorelocks Collective) is entertaining and educating kids.

Nick Tipping – fellow PhD journeyman, jazz ninja and bass warrior has been playing music (very much looking forward to this gig!)

Ben Woollen and Scott Granville (Chasing Time Productions) have just finished making their newest film.

Michael Vincent has been working on film scores

Matthew Salapu (anonymouz) is working on lots of new music.

Diaz Grimm has been working on new music 

Adam Purdy (Bambino) is always working on new music.

Barnaby Matthews (Barnzy / Fortunes) is making new music.

Shoshana Sachi (writer/photographer) just had a script make it into the final round of a BBC comp. 

Adam Maha (violist/conductor) is in the US on a conducting course.

Adam Page (multi-instrumentalist/beardsmith) is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe 

Attila Adam (filmmaker) has a film playing at various festivals.

Leroy Clampitt (Banglade$h) is making music. Catchy music.

Julia Reynolds (filmmaker) is working on a few new films

Captain Hook and Danelle Bourgeois (A couple of Night Owls) are constantly doing new exciting things.

 Yvonne Milroy (Writer) published her own childrens’ book

Sandra Jensen (Free Lunch) is putting together this fun gig.

Michael Williams (composer) just premiered his opera in Italy

James Sutherland (artist) is finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards and is heading to NY on a painting course.

Kent Macpherson (composer) is working on new music.

Dylan is Yes (artist) is crafting many illustrations.

Joe Hitchcock and Fiona Jackson (filmmakers) are working on their feature film.

Mr Roberelli are just finishing off their new album.

Joanna Strange is working on a film project.

Matt Hewlett (logic defies logic) is working on new music.

Lora Thompson (Cheshire Grimm) is playing live lots.


These are just the people I was reminded about from recent postings on facebook… I am sure there are many more, and I hope to share their work in future!

Now, back to my work.