Commissioning New Work

Commissioning a new work from a living composer is a wonderful way of bringing a new art work into the world. This is a centuries old practice and is just as relevant in the 21st century as in the Middle Ages. Most composers write pieces which are commissioned by solo performers, orchestras, ensembles, festivals, producers, Opera Companies etc. However, it is not uncommon for individuals, groups, families, societies etc to commission new pieces as gifts, to mark important dates, or just the satisfaction of being instrumental in instigating the creation of a new work.

Commissions can range from large scale orchestral works to small solo pieces. Although all commission proposals will be considered, a number of factors would require consideration before a commission is accepted. These may include time constraints, artistic freedom (within reason) technical requirements and the availability of performers and fees.

Although fees can vary enormously, Jeremy will normally use the CANZ (Composers Association of New Zealand) fee schedule as a guideline.
For more information visit the CANZ website.

If you would like to commission a new work from Jeremy, you can contact him below

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