It has been awhile…

So, I’ve been busy. Haven’t updated things… here are a bunch of links to things that have been going on.

Wild Sonic Blooms Concert Film from Kent Macpherson on Vimeo.

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival
Sonic Cocktails
On The Threshold of the Sun



Sostenuto with Courteney Mayall

Spacetime (continuum)


  • “We Began As Wanderers” – with Aaron Chesham and Stephen Gallagher
  • “Intrapsychic response to secret music” – with Paul Bradley
  • “Koea te urutapu, te ao turoa” (Untouched Beauty, the world of light) – with Ben Woollen and Horomona Horo



Piano Day Concerts… including:

Glimpse – Coming Soon

Now, for new projects…

A live audio-visual experience.
‘Glimpse’ is a new multi-media artwork incorporating live music, projected video, and soundscape created by filmmaker Dan Inglis and composer Dr. Jeremy Mayall. This innovative new piece combining experimental film concepts and contemporary art music blurs the line between conventional cinema and pure concert music.

The work is a suite of 29 individual but intertwined audio-visual vignettes. Film footage appropriated from The British Council Film Collection of short documentaries is reedited, reimagined, and recontextualised by Inglis and paired with original piano preludes and soundscapes by Mayall creating a wholly new performance work where the music informs the image, and the image informs the music.

‘Glimpse’ will premiere in October 2017 with pianist Stephen De Pledge.

Glimpse – Trailer from Jeremy Mayall on Vimeo.

Archive Film Footage sourced from British Council Film Collection: British Council Film Collection




and then the second performance:


All of the many things…

So. It has been awhile since I updated this page… For more current information go here:
Jeremy Mayall – Composer on Facebook.
But, to catch you up on all of the various things:

And that gets us up to the present…

SHEPHERD and other things

It has again been awhile since I posted things here… more frequent updates can be found here. But highlights include: a Best in Fringe award for DARK MATTER by Marty Roberts; Stick to Your Gun in multiple international film festivals; TO SLEEP at the Hamilton Gardens Art Festival; and International Piano Day concerts – solo pianoskullwinkdr. mesmers private army (videos in links).

But the main thing I have been working on is the film score for SHEPHERD!


A3 Poster_Shepherd-PreSceener

On Wednesday 12th April at 8pm (in Events Room One at Wintec), we will be performing the score to the feature film Shepherd as the live accompaniment to a special preview screening of the film. Directed by Julia Reynolds the project has been 7 years in the making, and it is now on the home stretch. The screening presents the opportunity for all of those that have been involved in the process to come back together, see the progress and to celebrate the future of the film.

The film centres around teenage girl Eden as she struggles to recover memories, fragments and reconstruct her life.

Shepherd Teaser from Zorp on Vimeo.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE – limited seating available.

And here is a preview snippet of some of the score…

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

It has been a while since my last post here… the end of the year was kept quite busy with international collaborations, recording projects, christmas videos, and performances. Then I enjoyed some much needed time off hanging with family and friends, catching up on things, and generally recharging and filling the tank ready for another year of fun projects. Starting with…

TO SLEEP at The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival!


On the Riverside Terrace from Saturday, 25 February 2017, 9:00pm – Sunday 26 Feb, sunrise, we will present the second ever performance of To Sleep

To Sleep is a live multimedia music, light and art performance where the audience is encouraged to feel comfortable sleeping through it. Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy, Paul Bradley, and myself, will create a live improvisation that explores the liminal zone between sleep and wakefulness.

Guests are welcome to join the show for the entire night, or just a short while.

To sleep the night we suggest you bring:
– Warm clothing
– A sleeping mat or stretcher
– A sleeping bag or blankets
– A torch
– Insect repellent
We hope to have a number of sleeping stretchers available; on a first in, first served basis.

If you missed the premiere of this piece last year, make sure to mark this one in your calendar!


Also at this years festival, I am super stoked to be re-sharing two pieces created as part of PLUNGE – “Synaesthetic Confessions” – a taste and sound experience with Jamieson Hudson; and “Untitled 27” – a smell and sound experience. These will be part of the TRUST WAIKATO COMMUNITY ARTS HUB. 


Also coming up is DARK MATTER – at the Wellington Fringe!
DARK MATTER is a sound, light and dance installation

Winner ‘Best Design’ – Dunedin Fringe Awards 2016
Winner ‘Best Film/ Multi-Media Award’ – Dunedin Fringe Awards 2016

Seven visual Haiku. Set in a pitch black environment, Dark Matter explores what light can become when it is the central actor in space. Within a void of haze and ultra crisp sonics, you will be transported to a dreamworld of architectural beams, shafts and whirling vortexes. Immersed in a space that suspends time and thought.

Gigs and things

TO SLEEP – the 2nd longest continuous piece of music, which we performed at The Meteor was super fun and we are currently exploring possibilities for future performances in various locations around NZ…

“What followed was an experience like no other. Each movement of music was long and slow, set to the pace of a resting heartbeat. At about 4 or 5am, I wanted to applaud as one of the movements resolved. Yotam’s cello was a wonderful counterpoint to the other instruments, and to hear the final note as I anticipated it, and then drawn out musically, was breathtaking. The music never stopped, and neither did Aaron Chesham’s lightshow and the art.
Visual artist Paul Bradley maneuvered fabric, paper and other objects which were then cleverly projected above. My favourite part of his performance was seeing his mesmerising windswept heroines actualise on the cloudlike ceiling.” – Yvonne Milroy (review through Write On)

There was some other coverage about the concert which you can check out here:
Waikato Times | UPBEAT | Standing Room Only RNZ


I have also recently had some work showing in the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville as part of the LOCAL exhibition. Here are a few pictures of the work installed:

“Moment of Inertia” with Dan Inglis

“Untitled 27” with Owen Mayall and Demeter Fragrance Library

“Kia rongo i te tawara o te wai” – with Ben Woollen and Horomona Horo


And coming up: Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army is back at it! This time presenting ILLUMINATED STILLNESS at Wallace Gallery Morrinsville. Starting at 6pm on November 11th, come along and take a break from everything that is going on!


Exhibitions, Concerts and Sleep

Things have been going on… to read more about PLUNGE that happened at Ramp Gallery CLICK HERE

Also, to check out the photos from the MUSICAL PORTRAITS event with Mark Hamilton go HERE

Now, straight after that I went to Chengdu to go to the Blue Roof Museum with Gareth Williams to help install an art exhibition.

It was a large show, and had it’s challenges, but was a pretty interesting and entertaining experience! Great to be able to share this work with people in China.

A shot of the installation of my work “Kia rongo i te tāwara o te wai” in the Blue Roof Museum – a collaboration with Ben Woollen and Horomona Horo.

Upon my return I took part in the “SPRING ADVENTURES IN SOUND” concert. Here it was great to perform “4’33” by John Cage and “Pendulum Music” by Steve Reich, along with some original work in collaboration with Kent Macpherson as “RAG DALI”


And coming up next… “TO SLEEP” – a sleep concert. Working again with Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy, Paul Bradley and Aaron Chesham we will be presenting a 9hour concert designed for you to sleep through!

The concert starts at 10pm on Saturday 22nd October and ends around 7am on Sunday 23rd. About 9hours of multimedia-enhanced sleep! Live music and art. Together. While you lie back and experience the slowly shifting states.

Put it in your calendars now and then come prepared with something to sleep in and on. It will be quite an experience! Tell your friends.



The next big project for me is PLUNGE – A multisensory immersive installation at Ramp Gallery.

PLUNGE poster

PLUNGE explores new ways of experiencing and discovering art – by having visitors use all five of their senses.  You will be tasting, smelling, touching and hearing (along with the usual ‘seeing’).

PLUNGE is the result of ongoing explorations and collaborations between experts in sight, sound, taste, scent and touch. An immersive experience where new sonic artworks are further activated by connecting to other stimulus receptors. This is a very intimate exhibition, which requires the audience to become part of the artwork.

Each piece stimulates different senses and explores ideas of perception and the fluctuating human experience of time. Each work features a sound element created by Jeremy Mayall, which has been paired with collaborators in different fields: Dan Inglis and James Sutherland (moving image); Paul Bradley (visual art); Jamieson Hudson (baking/design); Demeter Fragrance Library (perfume). Along with the skilled support of specialist craftsman/artists/technicians Tony Nicholls, Owen Mayall and Brad Morgan to help construct each experience.

The inspiration for PLUNGE comes from ongoing compositional experiments by Jeremy, along with a range of neuroscientific studies, which explore the concept that none of our senses work in isolation, and that they are deeply interconnected and influential on one another. The works, through the common thread of musical composition, explore an ever changing thread of consciousness where you begin to notice the way that your brain shifts perceptions between our internal and external worlds. These works create a state that engages the brains own tendency to build worlds, find patterns and make connections, allowing the multi-sensory experience to provided a heightened sense of engagement with each work.


PLUS – as if that wasn’t enough, there will be a week of performance art events around Hamilton from 6th-10th September. See individual event listings and follow RAMP GALLERY on facebook for more information.


Mon 5 Sep, 5 – 7pm – Opening Preview of PLUNGE
– Ramp Gallery, Collingwood St
Celebrate the opening of this exhibition. This includes a brief artist talk, and the various collaborators will also be present. The works include collaborations with: Paul Bradley, Scott Granville, Mark Hamilton, Jamieson Hudson, Dan Inglis, Owen Mayall, Tony Nicholls, James Sutherland, Alexander Williams, Ben Woollen, and Demeter Fragrance Library.
( )

Tue 6 Sep, 7 – 9pm – Musical Portraits with Mark Hamilton
– School of Media Arts, Collingwood St
This is your opportunity to take part in a unique performance art experience where you become part of the artwork. Sure to be an experience unlike any you have been part of before. Featuring live photography by Mark Hamilton. Refreshments provided.
FREE – but strictly limited numbers so book early
( )

Wed 7 Sep, 7pm – Conversations: a short film evening
– Creative Waikato, Alexandra St
Join us for a night of short films – including a range of collaborative projects currently unscreened in Hamilton. This is also the album launch for “CONVERSATIONS” – a collection of works for solo instrument and electronics. Also: see the world premiere of “For the Stars from the Undergrowth” a film by Ben Woollen with music featuring Adam Page and Horomona Horo.
( )

Sat 10 Sep, 6:30pm – Sonic cocktails: a collaboration with Alexander Williams
– Wonder Horse, Victoria St.
Get your tickets to experience the premiere of three new compositions which have been expertly paired with matching cocktails. Sip your drink and experience the full cross-modal multi-sensory effects of this innovative collaboration between Alexander Williams from Wonder Horse and Jeremy Mayall.
Tickets $45 – limited numbers so bookings are essential. To book tickets email:
( )


Pianos, Food, Concerts and the Brain

So many things going on… here is a bit of a run down about some recent projects and things, and then I’ll share some more info in another post about PLUNGE – the multisensory immersive installation I have been working on.


Whilst producing/co-producing music on a number of projects (including a kapahaka album; two different collections of educational songs for children with Chris Lam Sam; and, doing the audio mix on a TV series) I have been curating a series of breakfast concerts at Creative Waikato and Milton’s Canteen called PIANO AND EGGS


The series has featured performances by Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy, Paul Bradley, Liam Wooding, David Sidwell, Emma Carpenter and myself. The final concert in the series (Monday 29th August at 7am) is by David Sidwell and Julia Booth – they will be playing an exciting repertoire including original compositions by both David Sidwell and myself – in fact it will be the Hamilton premiere of a song cycle I wrote with Majella Cullinane called “CUT AWAY THE MASTS“.

This will be followed by another performance by DR. MESMER’S PRIVATE ARMY – Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy, Paul Bradley and myself with special guest Horomona Horo. It is a one-off celebration of the end of the series and takes place on Monday 29th August at 6:30pm in Creative Waikato. The concert is PIANO AND GRAPES.


THEN, on Wednesday 31st August I will be popping down to Queenstown to present MUSICA IN CEREBRO at the inSight event (organised by the Otago Brain Health Research Centre and Catalyst Trust) – Queenstown’s annual science, technology, innovation and future week. The week provides a sneak peek into our future and the opportunity to investigate the big issues, access the experts and explore possible paths ahead for the community. I will present a lecture, MUSICA IN CEREBRO, which is essentially a trip inside the mind, exploring the impact that music has on the brain. In 2015 Jeremy collaborated with neuroscientists at the Otago University Brain Health Research Centre to capture the sounds of the brain. These sounds were then incorporated into one of Jeremy’s original compositions ‘Musica in Cerebro’ designed to showcase the brain’s reaction to musical stimulation and evoke emotive responses in the listener. (event details:

Following that will be install for PLUNGE… more info soon!