Gigs and things

TO SLEEP – the 2nd longest continuous piece of music, which we performed at The Meteor was super fun and we are currently exploring possibilities for future performances in various locations around NZ…

“What followed was an experience like no other. Each movement of music was long and slow, set to the pace of a resting heartbeat. At about 4 or 5am, I wanted to applaud as one of the movements resolved. Yotam’s cello was a wonderful counterpoint to the other instruments, and to hear the final note as I anticipated it, and then drawn out musically, was breathtaking. The music never stopped, and neither did Aaron Chesham’s lightshow and the art.
Visual artist Paul Bradley maneuvered fabric, paper and other objects which were then cleverly projected above. My favourite part of his performance was seeing his mesmerising windswept heroines actualise on the cloudlike ceiling.” – Yvonne Milroy (review through Write On)

There was some other coverage about the concert which you can check out here:
Waikato Times | UPBEAT | Standing Room Only RNZ


I have also recently had some work showing in the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville as part of the LOCAL exhibition. Here are a few pictures of the work installed:

“Moment of Inertia” with Dan Inglis
“Untitled 27” with Owen Mayall and Demeter Fragrance Library
“Kia rongo i te tawara o te wai” – with Ben Woollen and Horomona Horo


And coming up: Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army is back at it! This time presenting ILLUMINATED STILLNESS at Wallace Gallery Morrinsville. Starting at 6pm on November 11th, come along and take a break from everything that is going on!