Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

It has been a while since my last post here… the end of the year was kept quite busy with international collaborations, recording projects, christmas videos, and performances. Then I enjoyed some much needed time off hanging with family and friends, catching up on things, and generally recharging and filling the tank ready for another year of fun projects. Starting with…

TO SLEEP at The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival!


On the Riverside Terrace from Saturday, 25 February 2017, 9:00pm – Sunday 26 Feb, sunrise, we will present the second ever performance of To Sleep

To Sleep is a live multimedia music, light and art performance where the audience is encouraged to feel comfortable sleeping through it. Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy, Paul Bradley, and myself, will create a live improvisation that explores the liminal zone between sleep and wakefulness.

Guests are welcome to join the show for the entire night, or just a short while.

To sleep the night we suggest you bring:
– Warm clothing
– A sleeping mat or stretcher
– A sleeping bag or blankets
– A torch
– Insect repellent
We hope to have a number of sleeping stretchers available; on a first in, first served basis.

If you missed the premiere of this piece last year, make sure to mark this one in your calendar!


Also at this years festival, I am super stoked to be re-sharing two pieces created as part of PLUNGE – “Synaesthetic Confessions” – a taste and sound experience with Jamieson Hudson; and “Untitled 27” – a smell and sound experience. These will be part of the TRUST WAIKATO COMMUNITY ARTS HUB. 


Also coming up is DARK MATTER – at the Wellington Fringe!
DARK MATTER is a sound, light and dance installation

Winner ‘Best Design’ – Dunedin Fringe Awards 2016
Winner ‘Best Film/ Multi-Media Award’ – Dunedin Fringe Awards 2016

Seven visual Haiku. Set in a pitch black environment, Dark Matter explores what light can become when it is the central actor in space. Within a void of haze and ultra crisp sonics, you will be transported to a dreamworld of architectural beams, shafts and whirling vortexes. Immersed in a space that suspends time and thought.