It has been awhile…

So, I've been busy. Haven't updated things... here are a bunch of links to things that have been going on. WILD SONIC BLOOMS Wild Sonic Blooms Concert Film from Kent Macpherson on Vimeo. Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival - Sonic Cocktails - On The Threshold of the Sun - Sonoscopia - Shepherd     Sostenuto with [...]

Glimpse – Coming Soon

Now, for new projects... A live audio-visual experience. 'Glimpse' is a new multi-media artwork incorporating live music, projected video, and soundscape created by filmmaker Dan Inglis and composer Dr. Jeremy Mayall. This innovative new piece combining experimental film concepts and contemporary art music blurs the line between conventional cinema and pure concert music. The work [...]

All of the many things…

So. It has been awhile since I updated this page... For more current information go here: Jeremy Mayall - Composer on Facebook. But, to catch you up on all of the various things: A review of the SHEPHERD live scoring event. BREAKERY (short film) now available online An art exhibition in Xi'an China A concert [...]

SHEPHERD and other things

We will be performing the score to the Waikato based feature film Shepherd as the live accompaniment to a special preview screening of the film. Directed by Julia Reynolds the project has been 7 years in the making, and it is now on the home stretch. The screening presents the opportunity for all of those that have been involved in the process to come back together, see the progress and to celebrate the future of the film.

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

It has been a while since my last post here... the end of the year was kept quite busy with international collaborations, recording projects, christmas videos, and performances. Then I enjoyed some much needed time off hanging with family and friends, catching up on things, and generally recharging and filling the tank ready for another [...]

Exhibitions, Concerts and Sleep

Things have been going on... to read more about PLUNGE that happened at Ramp Gallery CLICK HERE Also, to check out the photos from the MUSICAL PORTRAITS event with Mark Hamilton go HERE Now, straight after that I went to Chengdu to go to the Blue Roof Museum with Gareth Williams to help install an [...]


The next big project for me is PLUNGE - A multisensory immersive installation at Ramp Gallery. PLUNGE explores new ways of experiencing and discovering art – by having visitors use all five of their senses.  You will be tasting, smelling, touching and hearing (along with the usual ‘seeing’). PLUNGE is the result of ongoing explorations and [...]

Pianos, Food, Concerts and the Brain

So many things going on... here is a bit of a run down about some recent projects and things, and then I'll share some more info in another post about PLUNGE - the multisensory immersive installation I have been working on. BUT FIRST! Whilst producing/co-producing music on a number of projects (including a kapahaka album; [...]

Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army

Footage from the August 8th "Piano and Eggs" breakfast concert that served as the premiere performance for a new ensemble called: Dr. Mesmer's Private Army The ensemble features Jeremy Mayall, Kent Macpherson, Yotam Levy and Paul Bradley.   Be there to catch the second sonic expedition at Creative Waikato Monday 29th August from 6:30pm. More details [...]