SHEPHERD and other things

It has again been awhile since I posted things here… more frequent updates can be found here. But highlights include: a Best in Fringe award for DARK MATTER by Marty Roberts; Stick to Your Gun in multiple international film festivals; TO SLEEP at the Hamilton Gardens Art Festival; and International Piano Day concerts – solo pianoskullwinkdr. mesmers private army (videos in links).

But the main thing I have been working on is the film score for SHEPHERD!


A3 Poster_Shepherd-PreSceener

On Wednesday 12th April at 8pm (in Events Room One at Wintec), we will be performing the score to the feature film Shepherd as the live accompaniment to a special preview screening of the film. Directed by Julia Reynolds the project has been 7 years in the making, and it is now on the home stretch. The screening presents the opportunity for all of those that have been involved in the process to come back together, see the progress and to celebrate the future of the film.

The film centres around teenage girl Eden as she struggles to recover memories, fragments and reconstruct her life.

Shepherd Teaser from Zorp on Vimeo.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE – limited seating available.

And here is a preview snippet of some of the score…