People doing awesome things – end of 2013

As I sit under the air conditioning vent, enjoying the cool bliss that is chilled air in extreme temperatures, I find myself thinking of all the awesome stuff that people have been doing over the past few months. And as we come into the holiday season there are a bunch of fun things you could be checking out!

Mukpuddy have just released their Drunk Santa vid for 2013 (among many other things.)

Late 80s Mercedes released a christmas album.

Chasing Time Productions were awarded Audience Favourite for ‘Serve and Protect’ at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival! (And they are working on a new short film!)

Dan Inglis has been tirelessly crafting a new video for my piece ‘Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm’! (you can check out his work here)

Joe Hitchcock has been making videos for a great charity among other things (like finishing off Penny Black!)

Nick Granville has put up his debut album for free download for christmas.

Nick Tipping is part of a new album available here

Adam Page is constantly gigging and recording and doing interesting things. Check it out here

Fortunes just put out this new track.

Diaz Grimm put out a new RedBull Mix.

A couple of Night Owls are always doing interesting things with video and photos.

Cakeburger has been making awesome new comics.

I am absolutely sure there are other people who I am forgetting. To those people I am sorry and I’ll get you all next time!