2013 Reflections

It is the beginning of 2014, a new calendar year and I am sitting next to my son while he plays ‘endless alphabet‘ on the iPad with concentrated skill and fury. I find myself thinking about everything that happened over the last year – it has been a pretty hectic 365 days!
Some of the things that stick out in the memory are:


– started the year moving out to Cambridge
– Wolf turned 1
– Courts was the lead in Hairspray (even on the back of a bus!)
– 5 years together, 3 years married!
– finished the year moving everything into storage ready for our adventure to Dunedin!

My Music

– Performed at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival
– Performances at Okta
– Winner of Multimedia section at 2013 Waikato Lilburn Trust Composition Competition for both Flow and Push for Miles
– Presented a concert of original music
 New Video (by Dan Inglis) for Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm
– Continued composition, recording, research, writing and general ongoing work for the PhD
– Awarded the Mozart Fellow for 2014.


Worked on score/sound for the following films:
Play Dead
Winter Storm
Serve and Protect
Full Retard
You Only Die Forever
And just recently finished the recording/composition session for Penny Black. (complete with music for kids toys)

Work and Other Things

– Gigs with The Funky Monkeys
– Lighting and Sound at the Academy of Performing Arts
 Lecturing in music composition and music theory at the University of Waikato
– Post-grad supervision of music students at Wintec
Wedding Celebrant
– Youth mentoring and teaching
– DJ gigs & Band gigs
– Finalist in National Contemporary Art Awards
– Judge at Talent Quests
– Speak at Pechakucha

Music Production and Recording

– Working with Mr Roberelli
– Remix for Sound the Ocean
– Remix for Bangladesh
– Musical about buses
– Soundtrack editing for schools, equestrian shows, stage challenge etc.
– Music for theatre piece Instructions for Life
– Recording for Diaz Grimm
– Production for Chess Countess

Things have been pretty full on. Thanks to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with this year! The collaborations, conversations and creativity that I have experienced with you all are what makes it possible to continue to pursue a creative life. Thanks. I look forward to our continued work together.

Goals for 2014 are to make more time for rest and family, focus on health and wellbeing, and continue to be productive with making original music. Plus there are a bunch of new collaborations in the pipelines! Exciting times are ahead!