2013 Work (PhD)

Here are all the pieces I have written during my PhD progress over the past 4 years. Not all the pieces are part of the final portfolio, but this are the things (apart from film and commercial work) I have been writing.

Tracking Forward
– Studio Performance
– Live Performance
 Rolling Stock

One Night, New Breath
Live Performance

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
score details

Into the nocturnal sunshine
Live performance

The Norse Suite
Final version
Premiere performance version

The Long White Cloud
Live performance

Push for Miles
Live performance

The Foggy Field
Live performance
reconstructed version

Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm
film version


Work composed but not included in the PhD portfolio

Not a one way street
– Live Performance

To entertain a wolf
Live Recording (audio only)
– Live recording (sentimental slideshow)

A pulse worth fighting for
– Live performance

The Birth
– Live performance

– Final version

– studio version

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