Making work happen.

I am continuing to get settled in here at Otago Uni. Meeting lots of people, exploring Dunedin, and using the time to focus on creating new work!

There are a lot of potential collaborations to explore this year! Including film scores, a new album of songs, dance/film projects, a theatre project, and other bits and pieces… it is a very exciting time to be creative.

I believe that is is important and creatively fulfilling to create art just because you want to – not only because you have a deadline to meet, or a project requirement to fulfill. Just work on a project because it feels good. This opportunity as the Mozart Fellow is such a great gift because I get to explore all of these ideas as my job! I am not sure if the reality of that has fully sunk in yet.

The next few weeks will be spent with some more time away from the studio, getting to spend time with happy couples as a marriage celebrant in Hamilton. It is great to be able to share in those special days! And also catching up with friends and family in the Waikato.

Then it will be back into making music – and hopefully sharing more new music with you all.

In the meantime, here is a dance film I worked on a while back that hasn’t been featured on this site:

Lucid from nimbus media on Vimeo.