Recent things

Things have been pretty hectic since the various concerts in the first week of August, so I figured now might be a good time to collate a few things.


– Recently completed the sound mix for the LAPWING short film. A fun little superhero project that I co-scored with the Scorelocks Collective.

– Worked on the score and sound design for a one minute horror film made by Tim Evans of Mukpuddy.

Other composition:

– A new orchestral work ‘convoluted’ selected for the NZSOSOUNZRadio NZ Concert Recordings for 2015.

– A soundscape composition to accompany a beautiful ceramic bird artwork by Madeleine Child

– String arrangements for a new pop song.

– A remix for a re-arrangement of ‘Get Lucky’ by Nick Granville.

– plus all my old albums are now available for pay-what-you-like download:

– Along with releasing The Song of Kauri and Imaginary Communication

It was a busy month! Now onward to September!