Re-writes and new ideas

I have just come to (what I think and hope) is the end of the re-write process for my chamber orchestra piece ‘The Long White Cloud’… Just need to let it sit with me a few more days and then it will be on to the re-recording part.

I think that, despite my frustration for having to re-write, it has been worth it and I have come out with a much stronger piece of music. It has a much more definite and purposeful journey. I think it says something, even if that something is not definitively prescribed.

Other than working on this re-write, the past couple of weeks has included:

– Collaborating on a contemporary art work (moving image based).

– Writing the score for 2 short film as part of the 48Hr Film Festival.

– And doing a bit of baking, teaching, marking and all those other fun things.

Will hopefully have some more music to share with you all soon!