Tracking Forward – live performance

Here is some more of what I have been working on…

This piece Tracking Forward was written as part of my PhD portfolio. It was written for the violist Adam Maha who was involved throughout its creation, giving me guidance as to what is and isn’t possible, and how to get the best out of the instrument… We even tried to use a glass guitar slide on the viola strings – not as effective as I would have liked.

Tracking Forward is a work that is originally inspired by my love of Blues music – it is the first music I really got into (especially when I had the $$ to go and buy my own CDs). A lot of Blues music tells stories of lonely journeys, catching rides on the trains, and often powerful sadness. This piece aims to explore this soulful sound through the solo viola combined with the sounds of blues harmonica and electronic manipulation. As part of my exploration of the possibilities of hybrid genre composition, this piece aims to exist between the boundaries of Blues music, 20th Century Chamber music, soundscape and electronic dance music.

It features a stunning video accompaniment by Dan Inglis.

This performance is from 17th September 2012 – at the EXPOSED Hillary Scholars Showcase at the University of Waikato.