Some more talented people

As part of this regular plan to share the creative work of people I know, here is the next installment! Check this stuff out:

Nightowls: Hook and Danelle are doing exciting things… like having their 48Hr Team movie come 3rd place in the National finals (Peter Jackson Wild Card). And they are also testing the new BlackMagic Camera

Jordan, Mo, Jake and Crew won the Hamilton 48Hrs with this film

And team egghouse (Chris, Brad, ETC) were in the finals as well with this film

Stack and Piece are making some techno

Bambino is making some dubstep

Chasing Time Productions has released their film Pride of Caldwell

Anonymouz is doing remixes

Angela Keoghan has some awesome greeting cards out

Adam Page is still heading to Edinburgh Fringe

Mukpuddy are making awesome cartoons!


Okay. Thats enough for now! ENJOY!