While Wolf Sleeps – EP1

As part of a goal to continue to increase my creative output, and also as a desire to have a escape for my mind from working on my suite for viola and cello.

I decided to put together a bunch of uptempo tunes that were just for fun. Not trying to re-create any specific sound/style or for any real purpose – just to have fun making tunes.

This EP was all recorded during the 5 days from 26-30th November 2012.
All tracks were composed, mixed and produced while my son had his naps during these days.

This is intended to be an exercise in creativity. A way to refresh my mind and explore new sounds, genres and techniques… I intend to create a number of these EPs over the next little while.

All the tunes in the EP are uptempo tunes – influenced by EDM/Electro/Dance/House/Disco etc…


Free Download from Soundcloud.