Previous Albums Now on Bandcamp

I have recently gone through the process of re-uploading my previous album releases to my bandcamp page. These albums were previously available on iTunes and other online stores, but will now be available exclusively on bandcamp – and for pay-what-you-like (or free) download.

The albums are:

…howard – They No Longer Sleep Alone

…howard – Remaking Pearl Harbour

OneFatMan – A Typical Day in Suburbia

Down By The Riverside – OST


These and all future releases can be found at:

They No Longer Sleep Alone – Now Online

This is my first major post for 2013. I have been busily working away in the studio crafting some new music for my PhD… lots of notes on paper, and sounds in the machine – but it is slowly coming together!

But, as a treat for 2013, I want to present to you a film that I helped make in 2009. The film is called “They No Longer Sleep Alone” – it is a short feature (46mins) filmed in and around Hamilton, NZ. The film is essentially silent, but accompanied by the music from a synth-pop concept album that I recorded and released as a band ‘…howard’ with collaborator Thomas Botting. The narrative from the songs is played out in moving images on the screen.

The whole thing (songs, recording and film) were all put together independently (by Chasing Time Productions and myself) with very!! minimal budget… and I think we have come up with a fun little film.

AND! – Now you can watch the entire film online.


And if you are interested, we have physical copies for sale! (includes DVD with special features and AUDIO CD). Flick me a message if you are interested!

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