Can’t Stand The Heat

Happy New Year. 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty creatively inspiring year – with plenty of new music and projects to work on!

A while back I created an 80’s inspired theme song as a potential idea for a (then unfinished) short film – kind of aiming for a fun uptempo cop film type vibe (think Beverly Hills Cop with The Heat is On by Glenn Frey)

But… the track didn’t really suit the tone of the finished film, so it ended up sitting unused on my hard drive for a few years.

Now, I have decided to release an album of unfinished tracks, instrumentals, and unreleased treats… it seemed like it was time to share this hilarity with the world! So I removed some of the lyrics (except the chorus), keep the music the same, and it could be the theme song for an insane cooking show!!

Featuring Joe McNamara on guitar and backing vocals.

An unknown Superhero

I have the distinct pleasure of being involved with the creation of some parts of a new superhero story.

This superhero is ‘LAPWING’ – This hero has been created by the people behind a new feature film that is being filming in New Zealand – Penny Black.

“Instead of quoting existing movies in the dialogue of Penny Black, we decided it would be better to create our own Pop Culture Icon to reference. So LAPWING is a superhero we have created based on the LAPWING bird.”

I will be involved in the filming of the featured LAPWING Episode – which is going to be action-packed and super fun.

I will also be working (with the Scorelocks Collective) to create the score for both LAPWING and Penny Black. In preparation for the shoot, and as inspiration for the creation of the characters and story, we composed and recorded the ‘theme music’ for LAPWING.

Have a listen here:

Just another fun little side project that I have the privilege of being involved in.