Recordings and new albums

In the past few days I have been working with various people on the creation, composition, and recording of over 3 hours of new original music. Creative productivity is a marvelous and rewarding thing.

Here are a few pics from some time in the studio.


Along with working on a collection of songs for children, Chris Lam Sam and I put together this short piece:


And also, the release of this album created in collaboration with Rob Burns (bass) and Robbie Craigie (drums) under the name Days At Sea. The album is called THUS.

You can get your copy here:

Concert Stream Recording

Well that was a huge weekend of planning, set up, rehearsal and music making.

Thanks to everyone involved with making it happen, and every one who watched!

While we go into post production on the video and audio recording, you can still watch the recording of the live stream here until we get the official production footage ready for viewing (and inclusion with my phd thesis).

Video streaming by Ustream
Here is the programme from the concert and timings for this video!

Not a one way street (viola, cello, synth and piano+fx) – (7:42 – 14:31)
Tracking Forward (viola, harmonica and track) – (15:30 – 22:43)
Push for Miles (electric bass and track) – (23:42 – 29:41)
The Foggy Field (trumpet, flugal, turntables and track) – (30:10 – 35:40)
The Norse Suite (viola and cello) (4Mvts) – (37:25 – 1:01:37)
They say a word is dead (6MVTS) (Flute, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Keys, Gat, Bass, Drums, Electronics) – (1:20:30 – 1:55:59)
(Encore)A pulse worth fighting for (chamber ensemble) – (1:57:30 -2:03:50)