Imaginary Communications

Recently I have been working on a series of piano and electronics pieces – ‘Imaginary Communication’. So far I have composed two and co-composed a third with Chris Lam Sam (The Scorelocks Collective).

These pieces will be amongst some of the ongoing work for my time as the Mozart Fellow.

Here are the three pieces. Best listened to on headphones.




The first couple of weeks.

So, I am now into the second week as the Mozart Fellow. My time so far has been pretty hectic with tripping back up to Hamilton to be the celebrant at some weddings!
But in amongst all that I have managed to wander around the university a little bit, met a bunch of the awesome staff in the department, and got my office all set up for work!

office spaceDunedin is a beautiful place. Lots to see and explore. Even the walk to catch the bus this morning was a scenic pleasure.

Walking to work

Now that I have my gear set up and am in the flow of writing music again, I thought I would share the first little piece I have put together here.

“Imaginary Communication no.1” for piano and electronics.