Glimpse – Coming Soon

Now, for new projects…

A live audio-visual experience.
‘Glimpse’ is a new multi-media artwork incorporating live music, projected video, and soundscape created by filmmaker Dan Inglis and composer Dr. Jeremy Mayall. This innovative new piece combining experimental film concepts and contemporary art music blurs the line between conventional cinema and pure concert music.

The work is a suite of 29 individual but intertwined audio-visual vignettes. Film footage appropriated from The British Council Film Collection of short documentaries is reedited, reimagined, and recontextualised by Inglis and paired with original piano preludes and soundscapes by Mayall creating a wholly new performance work where the music informs the image, and the image informs the music.

‘Glimpse’ will premiere in October 2017 with pianist Stephen De Pledge.

Glimpse – Trailer from Jeremy Mayall on Vimeo.

Archive Film Footage sourced from British Council Film Collection: British Council Film Collection




and then the second performance:


A pulse worth fighting for (video)

Now that all the concert footage is ready to go, and I have done a final watch through to check all the details, it is now ready to share!

So, to start this process of sharing videos… here is the last piece we played at the concert.

‘A pulse worth fighting for’ is a tune that wrote as part of my PhD experiments, but it didn’t quite turn out as I originally expected (so won’t be included in my portfolio)… But what did come out was a fun piece of groove that is a challenge, as well as a blast, to perform.

You can check out the fun times right here:

JMayall – A Pulse Worth Fighting For (concert encore) from Jeremy Mayall on Vimeo.