As part of my phd work I writing, reading and refining a lot of text. But I also have been thinking about, and revisiting, my music.

As part of that process, I have been working on a reconstruction of my piece “The Foggy Field”. This is still a work in progress, but I thought I would share it out and see how it sits in the listening world.  Sometimes you get too close to a work and it is important to give it some space, and then come back to it.

So here it is: SOUNDCLOUD

If you have any thoughts about it, drop them in the comments.

Thanks for listening.

A pulse worth fighting for (video)

Now that all the concert footage is ready to go, and I have done a final watch through to check all the details, it is now ready to share!

So, to start this process of sharing videos… here is the last piece we played at the concert.

‘A pulse worth fighting for’ is a tune that wrote as part of my PhD experiments, but it didn’t quite turn out as I originally expected (so won’t be included in my portfolio)… But what did come out was a fun piece of groove that is a challenge, as well as a blast, to perform.

You can check out the fun times right here:

JMayall – A Pulse Worth Fighting For (concert encore) from Jeremy Mayall on Vimeo.

Live Concert Streaming – Sunday 7th April 7:30pm (NZDT)

My PhD Concert Showcase is taking place this Sunday (7th April) at 7:30pm New Zealand Time… If you aren’t in Hamilton NZ, you can still watch the concert by checking out the live stream!

Hopefully it will all work on the day… I have been doing some tests and it seems to be working okay.

You can watch it by going to this page: J Mayall – Live Concert

Or you can stay here and watch it below:

Live stream by Ustream