Theatre and Dance


Life in the Key of…
A short musical about a day in the life of Mike – an everyman who finds himself in an odd world where everyone he knows is singing songs to him about his day. Premiered at the 2010 Hamilton Fringe Festival. Created with Adam Maha and Katie Hansen.

Instructions for Life
Incidental music for a devised play (performed in Hamilton and Cambridge by Carving in Ice Theatre Company 2013)

Santa Claus
A musical adaptation of a short play by E.E Cummings. Created with Adam Maha and Katie Hansen.

Alice and the Velvetty Teacup
A musical burlesque adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Created with Katie Hansen.

The Imaginary Invalid
An adaptation of the play by Moliere… featuring musical interludes.

The Ticket
A new work created as part of the Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme. Featuring  Soundscapes, opera/rock, and taonga puoro.


Other Works:
Swamp Treasures (Live Orchestra + Soundscapes)
Deconstructing Alice Dee (Jazz, Dance, Soundscapes, Solo Piano, Circus music)
Bliss (Opening dance segment – 16mins of various styles of music)
Te Marama (ranging from traditional maori music to reggae)
The Buried Life (from rock to soundscapes to circus music)
Good as Gold (1920s silent movie piano music)
Lupin (Dance music, Reggae, Rock, Avantgarde)




Jeremy regularly works with dancers and choreographers to create dynamic soundtracks for their work on both stage and film. Having worked editing soundtracks for dance shows and stage challenge events for a long time, Jeremy moved into the composition and production of customised musical soundscapes for dance works.

Some examples:

Beat (13th VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 6th Cyprus International Film Festival | 3rd Chicago International Movies and Music Festival | Cinesonika International Film Festival, Canada – best score nomination | New Zealand International Film Festival )

Flare – an experimental dance film collaboration with Dan Inglis and Dujon Cullingford

Lucid – a dance film with Karen Barbour and nimbus media.

Flutter – a multimedia, multi-sensory, site-specific work: involving Otago University performance staff and students, video by Dan Inglis, and lighting by Martyn Roberts, baked goods by The Tart Tin. (premiere in Otago Museum, Nov. 2014)

Whakaika Nei – contemporary dance film with Louise Potiki Bryant and featuring Horomona Horo (Premiere Toitu, August 2014)

He korokoro tui – a contemporary dance soundscape for Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust, featuring Alistair Fraser (taonga puoro)

Jeremy has also worked on live performance works with: Karen Barbour, Patti Mitchley, and Marie Hermo Jensen among others.


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