Key Works:

Symphony No.1 for Orchestra and Turntables

Based on a idea first beginning in 2003, the Symphony for Orchestra and Turntables was a long time in the writing. Starting out by first writing a small scale song cycle “Mix of Emotions” for turntables, violin, cello and soprano, to see if turntablism would fit in a traditional setting. Then after this was seen as successful it was time to embark on the composition of a full sized orchestral symphony.

Completed early 2004, the Symphony was selected for orchestral readings by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. From these orchestral readings the work was selected to be premiered by the Wellington Youth Orchestra at the Michael Fowler Centre in 2005.

Notes on the composition can be found here and here.

Electric Bass Concerto for orchestra and electric bass

This piece was written for Thomas Botting. It takes inspiration from the great bass players who have moved bass from being a background instrument, to being a key melodic force. Using a range of extended techniques and putting the worlds of jazz and funk bass up again an avant-garde orchestral setting.

Completed in 2007, the work was selected for an orchestral read through by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in 2009. The solo electric bass part was performed by Nick Tipping.

Notes on the composition can be found here.



  • convoluted – for orchestra (included in SOUNZ-NZSO-RNZ Concert Recordings for 2015)
  • Symphony No.1 – orchestra and turntables (Selected for Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and NZ Symphony Orchestra rehearsed readings / Performed by NZ Secondary Schools Symphony Orchestra, Wellington Youth Orchestra and Dunedin Youth Orchestra)
  • Loss of control in chaotic moisture – orchestra and soundscape (performed by Waikato Youth Orchestra as part of theatre piece ‘Swamp Treasures’)
  • Electric Bass Concerto – orchestra and electric bass (performed as part of the NZSO-SOUNZ Readings)
  • …expendable dichotomy… – for orchestra (performed as part of the NZSO Todd Young Composers Awards)
  • Fanfare for a New Generation – for orchestra, turntables, electronics and rapper (performed as part of APO Remix the Orchestra concert – arranged from original recording by Kenneth Young)

Currently Unperformed Orchestral Works

  • Colorless green ideas sleep furiously – for orchestra
  • Vous et nul autre – for orchestra
  • …seconds unwind… generated noise… racecar – for chamber orchestra
  • The Adventures of a Hero (orchestra)
  • High Speed Chase Scene (for orchestra and sound effects)


Scores and rough recording can be requested by email.

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