Mesoverse – a multi-speaker soundscape for an immersive art installation (premiere March 2020)

Flutter – a multimedia, multi-sensory, site-specific work: involving Otago University performance staff and students, video by Dan Inglis, and lighting by Martyn Roberts, baked goods by The Tart Tin. (premiere in Otago Museum, Nov. 2014)

L.O.Q.SHUN – voice and soprano – multimedia adaptation by Dan Inglis (Premiere Allen Hall Theatre, Nov. 2015)

Late Song – commission for Hillary Scholars Performance Programme – based on poem by Lauris Dorothy Edmond (Premiere Academy of Performing Arts, Aug. 2014)

Whakaika Nei – contemporary dance film with Louise Potiki Bryant and featuringHoromona Horo (Premiere Toitu, August 2014)

Seaward Moments – for bansuri and backing track with Adam Page (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Himalayas – for field recording, piano and electronics, and lighting design (Premiere Nov. 2015)

Inhale [new beginnings] – for piano, electronics, soundscape and scent (featuring taonga puoro by Richard Nunns) (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Aquifer – for piano, electronics, soundscape and video (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Changing Aspects – for synth, electronics, soundscape and video (video by Ben Woollen) (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Inherited Voices – for mixed choir, sampler, electronics and improviser (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Ruru – for narrator, piano and electronics, and chocolate (text by Scott Granville) (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Flicker – for video, candles, electronics and improviser (Premiere Aug. 2015)

Before I Knew – for choir, narrator and live electronics (text by Scott Granville) (Premiere Nov. 2015)

Journeys – for violin, backing track and video cube (Premiere Nov. 2015)

Aurora – for musical saw, backing track, and video projections (with John Egenes) (Premiere Nov. 2015)

Mountains – for hang drum, piano and soundscape (with Ian Chapman) (Premiere Oct. 2015)

Still – for taonga puoro and backing track (recording)

Optimist – for electric guitar and backing track (with Nick Granville) (recording)

For the stars from the undergrowth – for taonga puoro, saxophone, and backing track (with Horomona Horo and Adam Page) (recording)

Lost and Found – for electric bass and backing track (with Nick Tipping) (recording)

Twice Together – for saxophone and backing track (with Adam Page) (recording)

Flow – moving image video and sound piece (finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards 2013 | 1st Equal in Multimedia Section of 2013 Lilburn Trust Composition Competition)

Lucid – narrative dance film (and live performance piece)

The Foggy Field reconstructed – an electroacoustic piece based on the acoustic version of The Foggy Field


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