2014-2015 Mozart Fellow Work

Here is a list of works created throughout my time as the University of Otago Mozart Fellow. (links provided where available)

JM8 - Sharon Bennett Photography


  • Flutter – a multimedia, multi-sensory, site-specific work: involving Otago University performance staff and students, video by Dan Inglis, and lighting by Martyn Roberts, baked goods by The Tart Tin.
  • L.O.Q.SHUN – voice and soprano – multimedia adaptation by Dan Inglis
  • Late Song – commission for Hillary Scholars Performance Programme – based on poem by Lauris Dorothy Edmond
  • Whakaika Nei – contemporary dance film with Louise Potiki Bryant and featuring Horomona Horo
  • Seaward Moments – for bansuri and backing track with Adam Page
  • Himalayas – for field recording, piano and electronics, and lighting design
  • Inhale [new beginnings] – for piano, electronics, soundscape and scent (featuring taonga puoro by Richard Nunns)
  • Aquifer – for piano, electronics, soundscape and video
  • Changing Aspects – for synth, electronics, soundscape and video (video by Ben Woollen)
  • Inherited Voices – for mixed choir, sampler, electronics and improviser
  • Ruru – for narrator, piano and electronics, and chocolate (text by Scott Granville)
  • Flicker – for video, candles, electronics and improviser
  • Before I Knew – for choir, narrator and live electronics (text by Scott Granville)
  • Journeys – for violin, backing track and video cube
  • Aurora – for musical saw, backing track, and video projections (with John Egenes)
  • Mountains – for hang drum, piano and soundscape (with Ian Chapman)
  • Still – for taonga puoro and backing track
  • Optimist – for electric guitar and backing track (with Nick Granville)
  • For the stars from the undergrowth – for taonga puoro, saxophone, and backing track (with Horomona Horo and Adam Page)
  • Lost and Found – for electric bass and backing track (with Nick Tipping)
  • Twice Together – for saxophone and backing track (with Adam Page)

synth and butterflies


  • Frosted Air Suite – for flute and electronics (winner of the 2015 Philip Neill Memorial Prize in Composition)
  • Fourteen Moments for Three – for piano trio (a winner of the 2015 NZTrio Composition Competition)
  • Through the Pulsating Debris – for four pianos
  • Signature Asymmetry – bass drum, drum kit, vibes and backing track
  • Cut Away the Masts – song cycle for soprano and soundscape – Collaboration with Robert Burns Fellow Majella Cullinane
  • For Wolf – for toy piano and soundscape
  • Otakou Lullaby – for taonga puoro and soundscape
  • Sunrise on the Peninsula – for taonga puoro and backing track
  • In that infinite moment – for piano and bass (with Nick Tipping)
  • Our footsteps are all entrances – a suite for violin and fixed media. Commissioned by Tessa Petersen. Based on the poetry collection “Homing In” by Cilla McQueen



  • Musica in Cerebro – exploring the connection between music and the brain in collaboration with the Otago Brain Health Research Centre
  • #tinyelephants – sonic art installation
  • Another World Asleep – a cosmic lullaby based on the frequencies of space.
  • Feathered Resonance – a soundscape to accompany ceramic art piece “Concert of Birds” by Madeleine Child
  • He korokoro tui – a contemporary dance soundscape for Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust, featuring Alistair Fraser (taonga puoro)
  • Navigating Ice – for piano and electronics
  • Nearly Done – a graphic score
  • Communal Breath – a meditation soundscape for 2015 Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow Uzo Nwankpa
  • Four Tastes – four short soundscapes for research in collaboration with the Otago Uni Sensory Science Research Centre
  • Infinite Lines – for layered recordings
  • Manic Disappearances – for the ‘Kaitiaki’ dance performance


  • convoluted – for orchestra (included in SOUNZ-NZSO-RNZ Concert Recordings for 2015)

PhD Concert Photos





tiny piano


  • Imaginary Communication – for piano and electronics

    • as time passes
    • one night
    • shared intuition
    • a lonely wharf
    • sunrise on the peninsula
    • those remarkable peaks
    • dark matter
  • Blonde (O.S.T) – soundtrack to the short film

    • Blonde Theme
    • Transitions
    • Preparation
    • Just One Night
    • The Morning After
    • Disposal
    • Reminiscing
    • Blonde Theme – reprise
  • They Will Be The Colour – with Julia Booth

    • Flutter
    • Cut Away The Masts 1 – Farewell, December 1860
    • Cut Away The Masts 2 – The Donald McKay
    • Cut Away The Masts 3 – January 11th 1862
    • L.O.Q.Shun
  • THUS by Days At Sea – with Rob Burns and Robbie Craigie

    • dissolved happiness
    • that crumbled moon
    • I am
    • holding the universe together
    • one moment
    • almost five
    • be something every minute
    • the same
    • a wild rumpus
    • lingering smoke and watering eyes
    • second moment
    • following the gunslinger
    • light the lights
    • I swear we were infinite
    • rust and stardust
  • It will remember itself by Narrowing Weeks – with Chris Lam Sam, Nick Granville, Rob Burns and Robbie Craigie

    • stores of morning
    • myriads of drifting minds
    • sweetempered gunpowder
    • symbolic thunderclap
    • lived, laughed, loved and lost
    • the unfacts
    • the only girl they loved
    • over the bowls of memory
    • deepsleep sea
  • We are all stardust (music composed for “Amazing Universe” – an Otago Museum planetarium show)

    • We are all stardust
    • The natural world
    • Night skies
    • Earth
    • Beginning to explore
    • On the surface of the moon
    • The sun
    • Mechanical armada
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Comets
    • Mars
    • Deimos and Phobos
    • The asteroid belt
    • The gas giants
    • An unusual planet
    • The Kupier belt
    • Oort cloud
    • Dying stars
    • Supernovas
    • Neutron stars
    • Black hole
    • Galaxies and cosmic microwaves
    • Traveling home
    • Our Amazing Universe
    • We are all stardust (remix)


Albums still to be released

  • Conversations  (a collection of works for solo instrument and backing track)



653 Days Concert Facebook Cover Image with Dog


Sound and Light – Allen Hall Theatre, August 7th-8th 2014
Imaginary Communication – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 25th October 2014
Flutter – Otago Museum, 19th November 2014
Imagined Landscapes – Marama Hall, 4th August 2015
Another World – Marama Hall, 11th August 2015
Lost in a Moment – Toitu Otago Settlers Museum, 4th October 2015
[still moments] – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 14th November 2015
653 Days – Allen Hall Theatre, 15th November 2015

SC final 1-1

Collaborative work with The Scorelocks Collective




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