Short Films

A collaborative film making project created in the 2020 pandemic lockdown

The Yooditah Bird – Words: Scott Granville | Voice: Courteney Mayall | Images: Dan Inglis

Meditation – Words: Sasha McClaren | Voice: Mary Rinaldi | Images: Chad McClarnon

Night Would Be Lonely Without Me – Words: Stephanie Christian | Voice: Laurie Hayes Images: Mac Cushing

A Gift for Isolation – Words: Tereza Stahlikova | Voice: Nick Wilkinson | Images: Maria Saveleva

Just a Chair – Words: Scott Granville | Voice: Richard Lawrence | Images: Tereza Stehlikova

One Floor Up – Words: Stephanie Christian | Voice: Courteney Mayall | Images: Ben Woollen



Skippers Pass (2019) – educational web series

Suspended Generation (2018) – documentary

Fortune (2017) – educational web series

Blood Sugar (2016) – documentary

Stick to Your Gun (2016) – action comedy

L.O.Q.Shun ( 2015) – an experimental film collaboration with Dan Inglis (2017 UNKNOWN TELEVISION |
2016 DELETE TV | 2016 ArtzElectro | 2016 15th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL | 2016 4th Annual Wellington Underground Film Festival | 2016 “DELETE TV” Episode 6, Season 2 Broadcast in Europe, the United States, and Australia | 2015 653 Days Dunedin, New Zealand)

Flare – an experimental dance film collaboration with Dan Inglis

Rolling Stock (2nd Annual Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013, Portland, Oregon, USA – May 2013 | 7th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013, Byron Bay, Australia – March 2013 | 10th Annual Oxford Film Festival 2013, Oxford, Mississippi, USA – Feb 2013 | “Show and Tell: Dan Inglis”, Hamilton Fringe Festival 2012, Hamilton, NZ – Oct 2012)

Beat (13th VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 6th Cyprus International Film Festival | 3rd Chicago International Movies and Music Festival | Cinesonika International Film Festival, Canada – best score nomination | New Zealand International Film Festival )

Focus on the Centre (Okta Contemporary Music Concert | 1st Place multimedia section 2005 Waikato Lilburn Composition Competition)

Finding Marilyn in Castel del’Aquila (Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2011 | Palm Beach Womens International Film Festival 2011 | Carborro Film Festival 2011)

Blonde – film score independent production, New York USA 2014 (Big Apple Film Festival 2014 | New York No Limits Film Series 2015 | St Tropez International Film Festival 2015 | Gasparilla International Film Festival 2015 | LA Shorts Fest 2015 | NY Shorts Fest 2015 | Milan International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema 2015 | Womens International Film and Arts Festival 2015 | Depth of Field International Film Festival 2015 | Female Eye Film Festival 2015 | NYC Chain Film Festival 2015)

Partiality – a horror short film by Tim Evans

Mr. Baker – a short film by Joe Hitchcock

Beyond the Fridge – a short film by PuppyGuts

Dollhouse – a short film by Dan Inglis

R. – video adaptation by Merrlisa Leslie

Lingering smoke and watering eyes – video adaptation by Ben Woollen

Lost Inside – short horror film score

The Dairy Diaries – short film by Ashton Ledger (scored with John Egenes)

Amazing Universe – premiere show in the Otago Museum planetarium

Hardwood Floors (Winner Best Score in 48Hr Film Fest 2009)

The Hidden (Finalist Best Score in 48Hr Film Fest 2009)

Greensplat (independent release)

Late Night Specials (independent release)

Open Home (independent release)



Collaborative film score work with The Scorelocks Collective

Breakery – score for film by Chasing Time Productions

Princess Rose and the Rose Flowers and the Other Princesses – film score for 48hr Film Fest, Auckland

To Darkness – film score for 48hr Film Fest, Wellington

on a trouvé l’horizon grand – film score (independent short)

Lapwing NZ 2014 (London Comic Con 2015 | Red Dirt International Film Festival 2015 | Con Film Festival 2015 | Superman Celebration Film Festival 2015 | Arohanui Film Festival 2015 | Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2015 | Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival 2015 | Sickest Films NY 2015)

Serve and Protect (Hyart Film Festival, June 2014 | Comedy Ninja Film Festival LA, May 2014 | Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, May 2014 | High Desert International Film Festival, May 2014 | Capital City Film Festival, April 2014 | Dunedin Fringe Festival Reels on Wheels, March 2014 | Show Me Shorts Film Festival (Peoples Choice Award Winner), Nov 2013 | Kerry Film Festival Ireland, Nov 2013 | Ruby Mountain Film Festival, Sept 2013)

Paper Road (7th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013, Byron Bay, Australia – March 2013 | “Show and Tell: Dan Inglis”, Hamilton Fringe Festival 2012, Hamilton, New Zealand – Oct 2012)

Play Dead (High Desert International Film Festival, May 2014 | Hot Springs International Horror Festival, Sept 2013 | Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, Sept 2013 | Maryland international film festival, April 2013)

Winter Storm (White Sands International Film Festival 2013 | Long Island International Film Expo 2013 | San Antonio Film Festival 2013, USA 2013 | 22nd Arizona International Film Festival 2013, USA 2013)

Pride of Caldwell (Red Dirt International Film Festival (USA), Oct 2013 | Big Cardiff Mini Film Festival (Wales), June 2013 | Cornwall International Film Festival (Cornwall UK) 2012 | Bloody Hero International Film Festival (Phoenix AZ, USA) 2013 | High Desert Shorts International Film Festival (NV USA) 2013 | Big Cardiff Mini Film Festival (Cardiff Wales) 2013 | deadCENTRE film festival 2012 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2013)

Lily White (Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival (UK), Sept 2013 | High Desert Shorts International Film Festival 2012 | Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2011 | World Kids Film Festival Road Show 2012 | World Kids Film Festival 2012 | Bodega Bay Short Film Festival 2011 | Palm Springs Film Market 2011)

Full Rètard (2013 48hr Film Festival) – Waikato Finalist. Nominated for best score)

Autocraniotomous (2013 48hr Film Festival) – 3rd Place in National Final / Peter Jackson WildCard / Nominated for best song)

You Only Die Forever (Finalist in Tropfest NZ 2014)

Star Wars: Hunter (Finalist in Star Wars International Fan Movie Contest 2012)

The Life and Times of Dog (independent release)

Invaders (independent release)

So you want to make a movie? (independent release)



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