List of Works

Dr. Jeremy Mayall
Composition/Research Output
(links where available)


  • Flutter – a multimedia, multi-sensory, site-specific work: involving Otago University performance staff and students, video by Dan Inglis, and lighting by Martyn Roberts, baked goods by The Tart Tin. (premiere in Otago Museum, Nov. 2014)
  • L.O.Q.SHUN – voice and soprano – multimedia adaptation by Dan Inglis (Premiere Allen Hall Theatre, Nov. 2015)
  • Late Song – commission for Hillary Scholars Performance Programme – based on poem by Lauris Dorothy Edmond (Premiere Academy of Performing Arts, Aug. 2014)
  • Whakaika Nei – contemporary dance film with Louise Potiki Bryant and featuring Horomona Horo (Premiere Toitu, August 2014)
  • Seaward Moments – for bansuri and backing track with Adam Page (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Himalayas – for field recording, piano and electronics, and lighting design (Premiere Nov. 2015)
  • Inhale [new beginnings] – for piano, electronics, soundscape and scent (featuring taonga puoro by Richard Nunns) (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Aquifer – for piano, electronics, soundscape and video (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Changing Aspects – for synth, electronics, soundscape and video (video by Ben Woollen) (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Inherited Voices – for mixed choir, sampler, electronics and improviser (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Ruru – for narrator, piano and electronics, and chocolate (text by Scott Granville) (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Flicker – for video, candles, electronics and improviser (Premiere Aug. 2015)
  • Before I Knew – for choir, narrator and live electronics (text by Scott Granville) (Premiere Nov. 2015)
  • Journeys – for violin, backing track and video cube (Premiere Nov. 2015)
  • Aurora – for musical saw, backing track, and video projections (with John Egenes) (Premiere Nov. 2015)
  • Mountains – for hang drum, piano and soundscape (with Ian Chapman) (Premiere Oct. 2015)
  • Still – for taonga puoro and backing track (recording)
  • Optimist – for electric guitar and backing track (with Nick Granville) (recording)
  • For the stars from the undergrowth – for taonga puoro, saxophone, and backing track (with Horomona Horo and Adam Page) (recording)
  • Lost and Found – for electric bass and backing track (with Nick Tipping) (recording)
  • Twice Together – for saxophone and backing track (with Adam Page) (recording)
  • Flow – moving image video and sound piece (finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards 2013 | 1st Equal in Multimedia Section of 2013 Lilburn Trust Composition Competition)
  • Lucid – narrative dance film (and live performance piece)
  • The Foggy Field reconstructed – an electroacoustic piece based on the acoustic version of The Foggy Field



  • Frosted Air Suite – for flute and electronics (winner of the 2015 Philip Neill Memorial Prize in Composition)
  • “River” and “Smile – songs for soprano and piano. Commissioned for the “All Good Poems Wear Classical Shoes” showcase at the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2016
  • Fourteen Moments for Three – for piano trio (a winner of the 2015 NZTrio Composition Competition)
  • Our footsteps are all entrances – for violin and fixed media (commissioned by Tessa Petersen)
  • Through the Pulsating Debris – for four pianos
  • Signature Asymmetry – bass drum, drum kit, vibes and backing track
  • Cut Away the Masts – song cycle for soprano and soundscape – Collaboration with Robert Burns Fellow Majella Cullinane
  • For Wolf – for toy piano and soundscape
  • Otakou Lullaby – for taonga puoro and soundscape
  • Sunrise on the Peninsula – for taonga puoro and backing track
  • In that infinite moment – for piano and bass (with Nick Tipping)
  • Whit-woo – for solo bass (currently unrecorded)
  • Tracking Forward – for viola and backing track (performed by Adam Maha – 1st place at 2012 Waikato Lilburn Composition Competition – multimedia section. | Also performed at: ArtsElectro Waikato, OKTA Contemporary music concert, Sir Ed.Hillary Showcase Waikato)
  • The Birth – a multi-media performance piece for chamber orchestra, soprano, narrator, dancers, video, pyrotechnics. (Premiered at the Waikato University Blues Awards)
  • To entertain a Wolf – for string quartet (performed by the Taiaha Quartet at the 2012 ROSL finals – recorded by RadioNZ Concert)
  • Into the Nocturnal Sunshine – for chamber ensemble (performed at the 2012 Waikato Blues Awards Ceremony)
  • Norse Suite – four movements for viola and cello (premiere performance by Adam Maha and Yotam Levy at Waikato University + live streaming web broadcast 2013)
  • The Long White Cloud – a suite in 7 linked sections, for chamber ensemble (flute, viola, cello, trumpet, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, taonga puoro, and electronics – premiere performance at Waikato University Showcase 2013)
  • Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm – suite in 7movements for piano trio and boombox. (Premiere performance by NZ Chamber Soloists at OKTA Contemporary Music Concert 2013)
  • Push for Miles – for electric bass and backing track (premiere performance by Nick Tipping at Waikato University + viola re-worked version performed by Adam Maha at OKTA Contemporary Music Concert 2013 | Also cello re-worked version performed by Yotam Levy -1st Equal in Multimedia Section of 2013 Lilburn Trust Composition Competition)
  • The Foggy Field – for trumpet, turntables and backing track (premiere performance by Mike Booth and the composer at Waikato University 2013)
  • A pulse worth fighting for – for flute, trumpet, viola, cello, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and electronics (premiere performance at Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2013)
  • Not a one way street – for piano, viola, cello and synth (premiere performance at Waikato University Showcase 2013)
  • Lost – for chamber ensemble (premiere performance at Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival 2013)
  • Nuevo Viaje – for guitar orchestra
  • Today is the Tomorrow – for turntables, electronics and keyboard (performed by the composer – 1st place at the 2006 Waikato Lilburn Composition Competition – multimedia section)
  • From Dusk til Dawn – for solo flute (2nd place – acoustic section of Lilburn Trust Composition Competition 2004)
  • A mix of Emotions – song cycle for soprano, violin, cello and turntables
  • The Effects of Bundled Sticks on Sound – for bassoon and fx pedals



  • Musica in Cerebro – exploring the connection between music and the brain in collaboration with the Otago Brain Health Research Centre
  • #tinyelephants – sonic art installation
  • Another World Asleep – a cosmic lullaby based on the frequencies of space.
  • Feathered Resonance – a soundscape to accompany ceramic art piece “Concert of Birds” by Madeleine Child
  • He korokoro tui – a contemporary dance soundscape for Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust, featuring Alistair Fraser (taonga puoro)
  • Navigating Ice – for piano and electronics
  • Nearly Done – a graphic score
  • Communal Breath – a meditation soundscape for 2015 Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow Uzo Nwankpa
  • Infinite Lines – for layered recordings
  • Manic Disappearances – for the ‘Kaitiaki’ dance performance
  • One Night, New Breath – for taonga puoro, viola, drums, synth, turntables and electronics (premiere performance by Richard Nunns, Adam Maha, Jeremy Hantler and Jeremy Mayall at Waikato Kingitanga celebrations 2012)
  • Paaroretanga – for watering cans, effects, turntables and video (premiere performance by Richard Nunns and Jeremy Mayall at OKTA 2007)
  • A new communication – for 3 iPhones, light table, Taonga Puoro, effects (premiere performance by Richard Nunns, Horomona Horo, Daniel Peters and Jeremy Mayall at OKTA Contemporary Music Concert 2011)
  • Nebula Puoro – for Theremin, effects, Taonga Puoro (premiere performance by Richard Nunns and Jeremy Mayall at OKTA Contemporary Music Concert 2011)
  • Tabula Chroma – for light table, turntables, synth, theremin, effects, Taonga Puoro (premiere performance by Richard Nunns, Daniel Peters and Jeremy Mayall at OKTA Contemporary Music Concert 2010)
  • Ebb – for taonga puoro and electronics (performed by Richard Nunns and Jeremy Mayall at Artz Electro 2012)
  • The soundscape of New Utilitablaszione – for bass and turntables (performed by Jeremy Mayall and Thomas Botting – 2nd place 2004 Waikato Lilburn Composition Competition – multimedia section)



  • convoluted – for orchestra (included in SOUNZ-NZSO-RNZ Concert Recordings for 2015)
  • Symphony No.1 – orchestra and turntables (Selected for Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and NZ Symphony Orchestra rehearsed readings / Performed by NZ Secondary Schools Symphony Orchestra, Wellington Youth Orchestra and Dunedin Youth Orchestra)
  • Loss of control in chaotic moisture – orchestra and soundscape (performed by Waikato Youth Orchestra as part of theatre piece ‘Swamp Treasures’)
  • Electric Bass Concerto – orchestra and electric bass (performed as part of the NZSO-SOUNZ Readings)
  • …expendable dichotomy… – for orchestra (performed as part of the NZSO Todd Young Composers Awards)
  • Fanfare for a New Generation – for orchestra, turntables, electronics and rapper (performed as part of APO Remix the Orchestra concert – arranged from original recording by Kenneth Young)

Currently Unperformed Orchestral Works

  • Colorless green ideas sleep furiously – for orchestra
  • Vous et nul autre – for orchestra
  • …seconds unwind… generated noise… racecar – for chamber orchestra


Short Films

  • L.O.Q.Shun – an experimental film collaboration with Dan Inglis (official selection for 2016 season of the video-art TV show Delete TV – broadcast in Austria, the Netherlands, the US, and Australia | Still Moments, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2016 | 653 Days, Dunedin 2016 | LUMIÈRE 2016 – 6th CinemAvvenire Film Festival Roma, 15-30 Giugno 2016)
  • Flare – an experimental dance film collaboration with Dan Inglis (Still Moments, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2016 | Imagined Landscapes: The Music of Jeremy Mayall 2015, Dunedin, New Zealand | 2015 Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) Nelson Composers Workshop, Nelson, New Zealand | 9th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival 2015, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia | Imaginary Communication: Live in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery 2014, Dunedin, New Zealand | Sound and Light: A Mozart Fellow Showcase 2014, Dunedin, New Zealand.)
  • Rolling Stock (2nd Annual Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013, Portland, Oregon, USA – May 2013 | 7th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013, Byron Bay, Australia – March 2013 | 10th Annual Oxford Film Festival 2013, Oxford, Mississippi, USA – Feb 2013 | “Show and Tell: Dan Inglis”, Hamilton Fringe Festival 2012, Hamilton, NZ – Oct 2012)
  • Beat (13th VideoDanzaBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina | 6th Cyprus International Film Festival | 3rd Chicago International Movies and Music Festival | Cinesonika International Film Festival, Canada – best score nomination | New Zealand International Film Festival )
  • Focus on the Centre (Okta Contemporary Music Concert | 1st Place multimedia section 2005 Waikato Lilburn Composition Competition)
  • Blonde – film score independent production, New York USA 2014 (Big Apple Film Festival 2014 | New York No Limits Film Series 2015 | St Tropez International Film Festival 2015 | Gasparilla International Film Festival 2015 | LA Shorts Fest 2015 | NY Shorts Fest 2015 | Milan International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema 2015 | Womens International Film and Arts Festival 2015 | Depth of Field International Film Festival 2015 | Female Eye Film Festival 2015 | NYC Chain Film Festival 2015)
  • Partiality – a horror short film by Tim Evans
  • Mr. Baker – a short film by Joe Hitchcock
  • Beyond the Fridge – a short film by PuppyGuts
  • Dollhouse – a short film by Dan Inglis
  • R. – video adaptation by Merrlisa Leslie
  • Lingering smoke and watering eyes – video adaptation by Ben Woollen
  • Lost Inside – short horror film score
  • The Dairy Diaries – short film by Ashton Ledger (scored with John Egenes) (2016 NZ TROPFEST FINALIST)
  • Amazing Universe – premiere show in the Otago Museum planetarium
  • Hardwood Floors (Winner Best Score in 48Hr Film Fest 2009)
  • The Hidden (Finalist Best Score in 48Hr Film Fest 2009)
  • Greensplat (independent release)
  • Late Night Specials (independent release)
  • Open Home (independent release)


  • Down by the Riverside – FEATURE (commercial release DVD by Vendetta Films, nominated for best foreign film at the NY B-Movie Film Festival 2007)
  • They no longer sleep alone – FEATURE (local independent release CD/DVD)
  • Pictures of You – FEATURE (local independent release CD/DVD)


Collaborative film score work with Chris Lam Sam as The Scorelocks Collective

Feature Film:

  • Penny Black NZ 2015 (Arohanui International Film Festival 2015)

Short Films:

  • Breakery NZ 2015 (Hudson Valley Comedy Film Festival 2016, New York USA | Skyline Film Festival 2016, Georgia USA | Princeton Film Festival 2016, New Jersey USA | Rialto Channel NZ | High Desert International Film Festival 2016, Nevada USA | Texas Independent Film Festival 2016, Texas USA | Arohanui Film Festival 2015, Te Aroha NZ)
  • Stick To Your Gun NZ 2016 (supported by NZ Film Commission – in submission)
  • Lapwing NZ 2014 (London Comic Con 2015 | Red Dirt International Film Festival 2015 | Con Film Festival 2015 | Superman Celebration Film Festival 2015 | Arohanui Film Festival 2015 | Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2015 | Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival 2015 | Sickest Films NY 2015)
  • Serve and Protect (Hyart Film Festival, June 2014 | Comedy Ninja Film Festival LA, May 2014 | Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, May 2014 | High Desert International Film Festival, May 2014 | Capital City Film Festival, April 2014 | Dunedin Fringe Festival Reels on Wheels, March 2014 | Show Me Shorts Film Festival (Peoples Choice Award Winner), Nov 2013 | Kerry Film Festival Ireland, Nov 2013 | Ruby Mountain Film Festival, Sept 2013)
  • Paper Road (7th Annual Byron Bay International Film Festival 2013, Byron Bay, Australia – March 2013 | “Show and Tell: Dan Inglis”, Hamilton Fringe Festival 2012, Hamilton, New Zealand – Oct 2012)
  • Play Dead (High Desert International Film Festival, May 2014 | Hot Springs International Horror Festival, Sept 2013 | Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, Sept 2013 | Maryland international film festival, April 2013)
  • Winter Storm (White Sands International Film Festival 2013 | Long Island International Film Expo 2013 | San Antonio Film Festival 2013, USA 2013 | 22nd Arizona International Film Festival 2013, USA 2013)
  • Pride of Caldwell (Red Dirt International Film Festival (USA), Oct 2013 | Big Cardiff Mini Film Festival (Wales), June 2013 | Cornwall International Film Festival (Cornwall UK) 2012 | Bloody Hero International Film Festival (Phoenix AZ, USA) 2013 | High Desert Shorts International Film Festival (NV USA) 2013 | Big Cardiff Mini Film Festival (Cardiff Wales) 2013 | deadCENTRE film festival 2012 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2013)
  • Lily White (Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival (UK), Sept 2013 | High Desert Shorts International Film Festival 2012 | Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2011 | World Kids Film Festival Road Show 2012 | World Kids Film Festival 2012 | Bodega Bay Short Film Festival 2011 | Palm Springs Film Market 2011)
  • Princess Rose and the Rose Flowers and the Other Princesses – film score for 48hr Film Fest, Auckland
  • To Darkness – film score for 48hr Film Fest, Wellington
  • on a trouvé l’horizon grand – film score (independent short)
  • Full Rètard (2013 48hr Film Festival) – Waikato Finalist. Nominated for best score)
  • Autocraniotomous (2013 48hr Film Festival) – 3rd Place in National Final / Peter Jackson WildCard / Nominated for best song)
  • You Only Die Forever (Finalist in Tropfest NZ 2014)
  • Star Wars: Hunter (Finalist in Star Wars International Fan Movie Contest 2012)
  • The Life and Times of Dog (independent release)
  • Invaders (independent release)
  • So you want to make a movie? (independent release)
  • Finding Marilyn in Castel del’Aquila (Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2011 | Palm Beach Womens International Film Festival 2011 | Carborro Film Festival 2011)

Other Projects:

Healthy Habits: 41 Songs for Children – (for the purposes of learning the English Language in overseas kindergartens) in collaboration with Cognition Education Limited.

The Scorelocks Collective albums:



Theatre Works

  • Dark Matter – lighting work by afterburner (Martyn Roberts) – BEST MULTIMEDIA in Dunedin Fringe Festival 2016
  • Life in the key of… – a short musical (performed at Hamilton Fringe Festival by Partners in Crime Theatre 2011)
  • The Imaginary Invalid – extra songs (performed at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival by Full House Theatre)
  • Instructions for Life – incidental music (performed in Hamilton and Cambridge by Carving in Ice Theatre Company 2013)
  • Santa Claus – a musical adaptation of the work by E.E.Cummings
  • Alice and the Velvetty Teacup – a short burlesque musical (performed at Hamilton Fringe Festival)
  • The Ticket – incidental music written for the Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme.





Independent Albums

  • Hybrid Philosophies – music from PhD studies
    • Tracking Forward
    • The Long White Cloud
    • Push For Miles
    • Norse Suite
    • The Foggy Field
    • Into the Nocturnal Sunshine
    • One Night, New Breath
    • Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm
  • Imaginary Communication – for piano and electronics
    • as time passes
    • one night
    • shared intuition
    • a lonely wharf
    • sunrise on the peninsula
    • those remarkable peaks
    • dark matter
  • Blonde (O.S.T) – soundtrack to the short film
    • Blonde Theme
    • Transitions
    • Preparation
    • Just One Night
    • The Morning After
    • Disposal
    • Reminiscing
    • Blonde Theme – reprise
  • They Will Be The Colour – with Julia Booth
    • Flutter
    • Cut Away The Masts 1 – Farewell, December 1860
    • Cut Away The Masts 2 – The Donald McKay
    • Cut Away The Masts 3 – January 11th 1862
    • L.O.Q.Shun
  • THUS by Days At Sea – with Rob Burns and Robbie Craigie
    • dissolved happiness
    • that crumbled moon
    • I am
    • holding the universe together
    • one moment
    • almost five
    • be something every minute
    • the same
    • a wild rumpus
    • lingering smoke and watering eyes
    • second moment
    • following the gunslinger
    • light the lights
    • I swear we were infinite
    • rust and stardust
  • It will remember itself by Narrowing Weeks – with Chris Lam Sam, Nick Granville, Rob Burns and Robbie Craigie
    • stores of morning
    • myriads of drifting minds
    • sweetempered gunpowder
    • symbolic thunderclap
    • lived, laughed, loved and lost
    • the unfacts
    • the only girl they loved
    • over the bowls of memory
    • deepsleep sea
  • We are all stardust (music composed for “Amazing Universe” – an Otago Museum planetarium show)
    • We are all stardust
    • The natural world
    • Night skies
    • Earth
    • Beginning to explore
    • On the surface of the moon
    • The sun
    • Mechanical armada
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Comets
    • Mars
    • Deimos and Phobos
    • The asteroid belt
    • The gas giants
    • An unusual planet
    • The Kupier belt
    • Oort cloud
    • Dying stars
    • Supernovas
    • Neutron stars
    • Black hole
    • Galaxies and cosmic microwaves
    • Traveling home
    • Our Amazing Universe
    • We are all stardust (remix)


Albums still to be released

  • Conversations  (a collection of works for solo instrument and backing track)



Sound and Light – Allen Hall Theatre, August 7th-8th 2014
Imaginary Communication – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 25th October 2014
Flutter – Otago Museum, 19th November 2014
Imagined Landscapes – Marama Hall, 4th August 2015
Another World – Marama Hall, 11th August 2015
Lost in a Moment – Toitu Otago Settlers Museum, 4th October 2015
[still moments] – Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 14th November 2015
653 Days – Allen Hall Theatre, 15th November 2015
JMayall and the Fluid Wall Ensemble – Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Feb 2013
PhD Concert Showcase – Waikato University Academy of Performing Arts, April 2013


Production Work:
Does the Bus Stop here? – album for Mr. Roberelli (including 2011 APRA Children’s Song of the Year ‘Beans about Beans’)
Double Yolkers – album for Mr. Roberelli
Laughter on the breeze – album for Mr. Roberelli
Like a Million Eyeballs – album for Mr. Roberelli

Music for Children:
2015 — Healthy Habits: 41 Songs for Children — with Chris Lam Sam (as The Scorelocks Collective) in association with Cognitive Education Limited.

Other Commercial Work:
DV Bryant Trust 90th CelebrationNimbus Media

TV/Educational Soundtracks (Catch and Cook, Ruben the Road Safety Bear)
TVC/Radio Ad (Hamilton Central, Select Homes, First Credit Union, Oceanus Abalone, DVS, Solo)

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