Current Research

I am currently exploring the links between music and our other senses. Particularly interested in the way in which smell and taste can relate to, and ideally enhance, the experience of listening to music.

The link between music and our other sensory perceptions is very interesting to me, and so far I have responded to these ideas in two separate compositions.

A multimedia, multisensory, interdisciplinary performance piece that engaged all five senses:
Sight: musicians, dancers, lights, video, hundreds of butterflies
Sound: the music. (and a waterfall)
Feel: walking around the very humid room.
Smell: the smell of an enclosed rainforest.
Taste: 3 custom-flavoured macarons from The Tart Tin to correspond with the three sections of the piece.
(green: lime and lemongrass | red: strawberry and chilli | blue: blueberry and white chocolate)

Flutter from Jeremy Mayall on Vimeo.


Also, a recently collaboration with the Brain Health Research Centre at Otago University exploring the way our brains perceive music – this resulted in a piece Musica in Cerebro – and this area is something we are continuing to explore.

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