Dr Mesmer’s Private Army

Dr. Mesmers Private Army is a multimedia performance ensemble. They present real-time creation where everything you see and hear is performed for the first and only time during the concert.

Their collective approach to music making exists in the colour of sound, the magic of the moment where, inspired by space and time, fleeting ideas can create new compositions based around musical fragments and field recordings.

They recently completed a tour in China (2019) as well as performing at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, The Meteor, Te Ruru Light Festival, Ramp Festival, and the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.

The core ensemble is:
Jeremy Mayall – piano and electronics
Kent Macpherson – octave guitar, synth and electronics
Paul Bradley – drawing, textures, liquids and projection art

with a number of regular guests including Horomona Horo and Yotam Levy.