PLUNGE – A multisensory immersive installation

Plunge | Ramp Gallery Artist Video from onemancrew on Vimeo.

PLUNGE explores new ways of experiencing and discovering art – by having visitors use all five of their senses.  You will be tasting, smelling, touching and hearing (along with the usual ‘seeing’).

PLUNGE is the result of ongoing explorations and collaborations between experts in sight, sound, taste, scent and touch. An immersive experience where new sonic artworks are further activated by connecting to other stimulus receptors. This is a very intimate exhibition, which requires the audience to become part of the artwork.

Each piece stimulates different senses and explores ideas of perception and the fluctuating human experience of time. Each work features a sound element created by Jeremy Mayall, which has been paired with collaborators in different fields: Dan Inglis and James Sutherland (moving image); Paul Bradley (visual art); Jamieson Hudson (baking/design); Demeter Fragrance Library (perfume). Along with the skilled support of specialist craftsman/artists/technicians Tony Nicholls, Owen Mayall and Brad Morgan to help construct each experience.

The inspiration for PLUNGE comes from ongoing compositional experiments by Jeremy, along with a range of neuroscientific studies, which explore the concept that none of our senses work in isolation, and that they are deeply interconnected and influential on one another. The works, through the common thread of musical composition, explore an ever changing thread of consciousness where you begin to notice the way that your brain shifts perceptions between our internal and external worlds. These works create a state that engages the brains own tendency to build worlds, find patterns and make connections, allowing the multi-sensory experience to provided a heightened sense of engagement with each work.




The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two
A moving image and sound collaboration with James Sutherland

“Miller’s Law is the number of objects an average human being can hold in working memory. In this artwork we investigate this to explore Autonoetic Memory and Endel Tulving’s notion of Mental Time Travel, the voluntary or involuntary ability to project one’s self in a past or future situation often triggered by an external stimulus such as a familiar sound, smell or image. The footage is from journeys taken in 2010 and 2013 and will be reminiscent to many but specific to only one. Images and sound work in a generative way, creating moments of synchresis before separating. The quality of the image is painterly, impressionistic and indistinct. A fading memory. The viewer is invited to hold the information and to find the pattern through the multiple layers of image and sound.”



Untitled 27
Smell and sound sculpture with Owen Mayall and Demeter Fragrance Library

“In this piece the audience is asked to place their head inside the sculpture in order to block the visual sense, and focus on the sense of hearing and smell. This project endeavours to produce an environment where the unique characteristics of scent perception are harnessed to communicate emotions and ideas. Through the combination of sound and smell the stimuli work to create a sense of relaxation and a vague dreamlike experience of unexpected meaning.”



Synaesthetic Confessions
A taste and sound booth in collaboration with Jamieson Hudson and Tony Nicholls

“There seems to have been an increased fetishisation around food in the past few years. The boundaries between food and art are constantly being blurred, and restaurant showpieces become a specifically designed experience for all the senses. This work draws upon these ideas by still presenting an exquisitely crafted taste experience, but placing the “dining experience” inside a space that has other connotations. This whole physical experience is then combined with music. Drawing upon neurological and sensory science studies, links have been found between specific tastes and specific frequencies, so much so that the experience of listening to something while you eat can change you experience of that flavour. This work explores that phenomenon.”



In Stillness
Mural with embedded sound ports in collaboration with Paul Bradley

“This work started as sound, then became image, then became image with sound. It is a true collaboration that was developed through reactions and conversations. The physical link with the painting encourages the viewer to engage with the smaller details of the work, getting up close with the painting, anchored by the headphones. The links between the sound and image can be explored in further details creating an immersive experience. An experience that is also unlike other paintings in gallery where this time the viewer can have a physical connection to the work through touch.”



Moment of Inertia
triptych video projection on cloth in collaboration with Dan Inglis

“An exploration of motion, rhythm, and infinity. Music and image intertwined into a never-ending journey.”



The exhibition also featured a number of performance art events including:

Tue 6 Sep, 7 – 9pm – Musical Portraits with Mark Hamilton
– School of Media Arts, Collingwood St
This is your opportunity to take part in a unique performance art experience where you become part of the artwork. Sure to be an experience unlike any you have been part of before. Featuring live photography by Mark Hamilton. 

Wed 7 Sep, 7pm – Conversations: a short film evening
– Creative Waikato, Alexandra St
Join us for a night of short films – including a range of collaborative projects currently unscreened in Hamilton. This is also the album launch for “CONVERSATIONS” – a collection of works for solo instrument and electronics. Also: see the world premiere of “For the Stars from the Undergrowth” a film by Ben Woollen with music featuring Adam Page and Horomona Horo.

For the stars from the undergrowth from chasingtimeFILM on Vimeo.


Sat 10 Sep, 6:30pm – Sonic cocktails: a collaboration with Alexander Williams
– Wonder Horse, Victoria St.
Get your tickets to experience the premiere of three new compositions which have been expertly paired with matching cocktails. Sip your drink and experience the full cross-modal multi-sensory effects of this innovative collaboration between Alexander Williams from Wonder Horse and Jeremy Mayall.


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