Suburban Wires and Cosmic Outlaws

Another new music update!
This time more music composed with Chris Lam Sam for The Scorelocks Collective.


After composing the music for two films in the 48hour film fest (one in Auckland and Wellington) we also had the time to put together a couple of extra pieces, for no other reason other than enjoying the art and process of composition.

So, here are those two pieces.
First up, a piece inspired by a photo submission from master composer Stephen Gallagher. This piece is called “Suburban Wires”.

The second piece is inspired by the concept of the space western. This piece is called “Cosmic Outlaw”.

More new music coming soon!

Imaginary Communications

Recently I have been working on a series of piano and electronics pieces – ‘Imaginary Communication’. So far I have composed two and co-composed a third with Chris Lam Sam (The Scorelocks Collective).

These pieces will be amongst some of the ongoing work for my time as the Mozart Fellow.

Here are the three pieces. Best listened to on headphones.




2 months have flown by

It is hard to believe that I have already been the Mozart Fellow at Otago Uni for 2 months!
It feels like I am still getting started – meeting all the various talents that inhabit this beautiful place.

Here is a bit of a catch up on the things that I have been working on so far:

- Working on the score for Blonde (a short film, made in New York)

- Two new pieces for piano and electronics. No.1 and No.2

- A new short piece for bass

- Some French-inspired accordion music for a video project (link to come)

- Remix for Ed Zuccollo

- Planned (and current) Collaborations: a song cycle based on poems about the Dunedin landscape; a new album of solo instrument chamber music; an ep of songs; individual works with various composers/sound artists across NZ; a piece for multiple guitarists; music for a game; a multimedia piece for musicians and dancers; a short narrative dance film.

- Plus some new pieces: A short orchestral fanfare; a piece for 4 pianos; a suite of short piano pieces; and a sound-art installation.

And finally trying to finish the PhD! Things are full on, but it is very inspiring and creatively fulfilling work. I am absolutely loving my time here in Dunedin, and plan to continue to make the most of it!


Making work happen.

I am continuing to get settled in here at Otago Uni. Meeting lots of people, exploring Dunedin, and using the time to focus on creating new work!

There are a lot of potential collaborations to explore this year! Including film scores, a new album of songs, dance/film projects, a theatre project, and other bits and pieces… it is a very exciting time to be creative.

I believe that is is important and creatively fulfilling to create art just because you want to – not only because you have a deadline to meet, or a project requirement to fulfill. Just work on a project because it feels good. This opportunity as the Mozart Fellow is such a great gift because I get to explore all of these ideas as my job! I am not sure if the reality of that has fully sunk in yet.

The next few weeks will be spent with some more time away from the studio, getting to spend time with happy couples as a marriage celebrant in Hamilton. It is great to be able to share in those special days! And also catching up with friends and family in the Waikato.

Then it will be back into making music – and hopefully sharing more new music with you all.

In the meantime, here is a dance film I worked on a while back that hasn’t been featured on this site:

Lucid from nimbus media on Vimeo.

The first couple of weeks.

So, I am now into the second week as the Mozart Fellow. My time so far has been pretty hectic with tripping back up to Hamilton to be the celebrant at some weddings!
But in amongst all that I have managed to wander around the university a little bit, met a bunch of the awesome staff in the department, and got my office all set up for work!

office spaceDunedin is a beautiful place. Lots to see and explore. Even the walk to catch the bus this morning was a scenic pleasure.

Walking to work

Now that I have my gear set up and am in the flow of writing music again, I thought I would share the first little piece I have put together here.

“Imaginary Communication no.1″ for piano and electronics.

2013 Reflections

It is the beginning of 2014, a new calendar year and I am sitting next to my son while he plays ‘endless alphabet‘ on the iPad with concentrated skill and fury. I find myself thinking about everything that happened over the last year – it has been a pretty hectic 365 days!
Some of the things that stick out in the memory are:


- started the year moving out to Cambridge
- Wolf turned 1
- Courts was the lead in Hairspray (even on the back of a bus!)
- 5 years together, 3 years married!
- finished the year moving everything into storage ready for our adventure to Dunedin!

My Music

- Performed at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival
- Performances at Okta
- Winner of Multimedia section at 2013 Waikato Lilburn Trust Composition Competition for both Flow and Push for Miles
- Presented a concert of original music
 New Video (by Dan Inglis) for Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm
- Continued composition, recording, research, writing and general ongoing work for the PhD
- Awarded the Mozart Fellow for 2014.


Worked on score/sound for the following films:
- Play Dead
- Winter Storm
- Invaders
- Serve and Protect
- Lapwing
- Blonde
- Autocraniotomous
- Full Retard
- You Only Die Forever
- Shepherd
And just recently finished the recording/composition session for Penny Black. (complete with music for kids toys)

Work and Other Things

- Gigs with The Funky Monkeys
- Lighting and Sound at the Academy of Performing Arts
 Lecturing in music composition and music theory at the University of Waikato
- Post-grad supervision of music students at Wintec
- Wedding Celebrant
- Youth mentoring and teaching
- DJ gigs & Band gigs
- Finalist in National Contemporary Art Awards
- Judge at Talent Quests
- Speak at Pechakucha

Music Production and Recording

- Working with Mr Roberelli
- Remix for Sound the Ocean
- Remix for Bangladesh
- Musical about buses
- Soundtrack editing for schools, equestrian shows, stage challenge etc.
- Music for theatre piece Instructions for Life
- Recording for Diaz Grimm
- Production for Chess Countess

Things have been pretty full on. Thanks to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with this year! The collaborations, conversations and creativity that I have experienced with you all are what makes it possible to continue to pursue a creative life. Thanks. I look forward to our continued work together.

Goals for 2014 are to make more time for rest and family, focus on health and wellbeing, and continue to be productive with making original music. Plus there are a bunch of new collaborations in the pipelines! Exciting times are ahead!

Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm

‘Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm’ is a suite in seven movements for piano trio and boombox.

It was written for The New Zealand Chamber Soloists (Katherine Austin, Lara Hall and James Tennant) and was premiered on the 19th September 2013.

During the early stages of writing this piece I got together with my frequent collaborator and video master Dan Inglis to discuss the possibilities of making a video for this piece. We talked about the influences in the music of Funk, Psychdelica, Fusion etc… and discussed how this could be incorporated into a video version. The idea slowly developed that the video would be some kind of mix between concert video, music video and experimental film.

‘Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm’ is the final piece written for my PhD. It is my attempt to bring some of the psychedelic funk and fusion music of the late 60s/70s and Early 80s into contact with the more traditional ‘classical’ setting of the piano trio. It aims to bring together the grooves and vibes of this powerful rhythmic funk and combine it with the precision and un-compromising technique of contemporary classical music.

Here is the video link on vimeo:
Sketches of an Intergalactic Earworm by Jeremy Mayall

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SNEAK PEEK – Music from Penny Black

A couple of weeks ago I sat in a room with a group of people to compose and record the soundtrack/score for the film Penny Black.

The people involved:
- Nick Granville: Guitar
- Nick Tipping: Bass
-Jeremy Badger: Drums
- Chris Lam Sam: Keys and percussion
- Adam Page: sax/flute
- Ben Mannell: Tech setup and recording
- Joe Hitchcock: Director
- Fiona Jackson: Producer
- Dan Inglis: Photographer
- myself: keys/electronics

The process involved watching the film scene by scene, discussing grooves, hitpoints ideas etc, jamming out some material, and then recording. A very refreshing and creatively invigorating experience!

Have a listen to a sneak peek of some of the tracks here!

30 years of life

So, today I reach the 30 year old milestone.

30 years of me

Today as I was driving home I was reflecting on the last 30 years and realised I have had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff and spend time with some really awesome people.

Here are some of the highlights of the past 30 years.
- My lovely wife Courteney
- My son Wolfgang
- My family + friends.

- Touring and performing and visiting a number of different countries and cities around the world.

- Writing my Symphony No.1 for orchestra and turntables. The first orchestral symphony to feature turntablism as part of the ensemble.

- Performing with the New Zealand Symphony and Auckland Philharmonia (on pieces I wrote!!)

- Performing with a number of world-class musicians including Adam Maha, Julia Booth, Nick Tipping, Chris McBride, Chris Lam Sam, Richard Nunns, Lauren Grout, Yotam Levy, Brad Thomson, Joe McNamara, Thomas Botting, Jeremy Badger, Martin Lodge, Michael Williams, James Tennant, Lara Hall, Katherine Austin among many others.

- Writing and releasing various independent albums (here, here, here and here)

- Scoring various short and feature length films (many with the Scorelocks Collective)

- Setting a range of world records

- Portraying a film superhero and supervillain - super fun times.

- Worked as a composer, musician, teacher, youth mentor, lecturer, security guard, childrens entertainer, DJ, statistical analyst…

- Commentated professional wrestling.

- Became a marriage celebrant.

- Got amazing publicity and sponsorship for being a BeardLord. (thanks Puma!)

- Had music, art and films featured in a range of competitions and festivals around the world!

- Organized the first competitive facial hair competition in NZ.

- Composed and released a lot of music!

- Earned my Masters of Music (and nearly finished my doctorate!)


It has been a crazy, awesome, hectic, and enjoyable first 30 years alive. Thanks to all the people who I have worked with, collaborated with, hung out with, jammed with.

Now I am looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring!